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HSE management system

In the construction of its plants, Bahía de Bizkaia has taken into account the regulations currently in force concerning Health and Safety in Spain and in the European Community. Moreover, in view of the high degree of importance given to the integrity of the facilities, it has been decided to implement a HSE Management System (Health, Safety and Environment) which ensures that all risks have been taken into account.

Its aims are:

  • To prevent accidents
  • To prevent injury to persons
  • To prevent damage to the environment

The structure of the HSE Management System is as follows:

To put this policy into practice, Bahía de Bizkaia has based its HSE Management System on 13 points:

  • 1. Leadership and responsibility Accountability: Managers at different levels of the organisation are responsible for leading and engaging workforce in meeting the environmental, health and safety aims, by showing correct ways of conduct regarding HSE, by clearly defining roles and responsibilities, by providing the necessary resources and by continuously assessing, revising and improving.
  • 2. Risk Assessment and Management: LRisk management is a driving process in all elements of HSE. Aim: to regularly identify hazards, evaluate them, take measures to control them and, in this way, prevent or reduce accidents and potential incidents.
  • 3. People, training and behaviour: The skills level of the carefully selected and trained staff will be regularly evaluated.
  • 4. Working with contractors and others: SThe competence of contractors, suppliers and others who work with the Companies will be assessed. Collaboration will take place with them in order to ensure that the expectations of Bahía de Bizkaia are fulfilled.
  • 5. Facilities design and construction: Facilities will be designed, erected and commissioned following all the applicable safety, health and environmental standards.
  • 6. Operations and maintenance: The facilities will operate and be maintained within the design framework in force for their correct safety, health and environmental performance.
  • 7. Change management: All temporary and permanent changes in the organisation, personnel, systems, procedures, equipment, products, materials or substances will be adapted to the laws and regulations and will take into account recent scientific studies related with effects on HSE.
  • 8. Information and documentation: Accurate information about operations and products will be offered.
  • 9. Customers and products: Risks relating to products will be evaluated and customers will be notified. Users will be informed about handling these products in a manner which is safe and responsible with the environment.
  • 10. Active dialogue will be entered into with the community in order to maintain public trust about the integrity of the operations, products, and the commitment of Bahía de Bizkaia on HSE matters.
  • 11. Crisis and Emergency Management: Contingency management plans will be drawn up that will detail the equipment, preparation and personnel required in order to protect staff, public, environment and reputation of the proprietors in case of accident.
  • 12. Incident analysis and prevention: Incidents will be investigated to prevent them from re-occurring. Preventive and corrective measures will be used to reduce future damage and losses.
  • 13. Assessment, Assurance and Improvement: The application and fulfilment of these expectations will be assessed periodically, by means of both internal controls and external audits by third parties. The information gathered will be used to improve processes.